White Night – Cover Art and Preorder

White Night is the title of the ninth (holy moley, NINE BOOKS!) book in the Dresden Files series. It’s going to be released in April 2007. It’s already up for preorders on Amazon and other places, and, boy, this one’s going to be a doozy, folks.
We’ll get details up about the book as soon as we know what we can put onto the site. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, join us as we drool on a larger peek at the cover art and decorate your computer with some White Night themed wallpaper.

29 thoughts on “White Night – Cover Art and Preorder”

  1. WOOT!
    But I still think something needs to be done about Mavra still holding onto the book of Doom. 😉
    And that’s some neato wallpaper! The covers have been getting better and better . . . just like the series. It’s so nice to have an author whose series doesn’t go downhill after the 4th or 5th book. 😀

  2. maybe now we can get some damn info on all the mysteries from Proven Guilty. We only had around fifty, (White Council traitor, hit-and-run on Harry, hellfire on Arctis tor, who got past harry’s wards and fixed little Chicago, is Mab insane, whats Thomas doing, etc…) If this next book leaves more mysteries than answers, I will have to stay constantly drunk for one whole year just so I can sleep at night.

  3. I’m waiting for Murphy and Harry to go out on a date. Just a date, that’s all I’m hoping for.

  4. OMFG!
    Now you have me bouncing up and down in excitment!
    Yes! More information, not more mysteries and unanswered questions!
    It’s been awesome so far! Keep it coming Jim!

  5. Looks awesome! -preorders- Does this mean Harry will become Mab’s Knight though? If so, that’s kind of downer. He’s giving into all these creatures, to gain more power. That’s not so much with the noble or brave or moral…

  6. curse you
    i’ve been wating so long “twitches and shakes from way to much caffeine” and now this i’m going to die of antisipation look you killed me are you happy now its all your falt
    on a liter note i can’t wait for it to come out not one of the your books have come close to disepointing and i think this one will be no different
    oh and also how good a teacher will Harry be

  7. You’ve totally earned NINE books, Jim! Like a good wine, you keep getting better and better! Congrats!

  8. AAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!!! Every bit of detail concerning one of Jim’s new books makes me excited and impatient for it to come to book stores. It’s freaking frustrating! I want to read it now! *sigh* I guess I’ll need to learn patience after all.
    I like the winter-ish cover. It kinda seems a little forboding in its own way.

  9. WOO-HOOOO! Can’t wait until April- that’s when my baby’s due. I’ll be reading him/her/it every Dresden book at bedtime. It never fails to enthrall ME with every re-read! Congrats Jim! Keep ’em coming!!!

  10. Well, I’m certainly looking forward to it. If only April can get here faster..

  11. Is it nine already? Hmmm, thank god wizards don’t age fast, so there can be more and more books. Hee hee. It sucks that I read these books in a night or two, then i hafta wait half a freakin year for the next! Damnit! I hope this explains what the hell happened with Mab, though, ’cause that was super wierd.

  12. Looks great!! Love the cover art!! I just hate to wait til April. Like everyone else I hope we get some answers for the mysteries from “Proven Guilty.”

  13. Looks to be exciting, I can’t wait till April! Awesome cover! I’m so curious and now I have to wait ……I hate waiting. I’ll wait though because I know I won’t be disappointed! I love these books!

  14. Man, now I’m going to have to re-read the entire series…again… oh drat! *grins* The cover art looks amazing and no matter how many times I read them, these books never fail to fascinate me.

  15. I am exstatic with excitement I don’t know if I can wait. It looks too good…oh my..I don’t even have words for it.

  16. holy hell…i could cry i’m so.happy!…cursor’s fury in december ’06, white knight in april ’07…uh, april comes after december, right?…
    damnit, jim, are you jesus?

  17. That is great news. I discovered The Dresden Files about three weeks ago and I caught up to you already Jim. I’m sure this one will be better as everyone so far has been!

  18. Just in time for my birthday!! YAY! I’m so excited, y’all have no idea! Thank you Jim…I KNOW it will be even better than the last, and the last was…WOW!

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