Buzzy Multimedia – Video Interview with Jim

Buzzy Multimedia is heading out to LA next week to record the audiobook of Summer Knight.
In the meantime, they’ve managed to get a video interview of Jim Butcher up on YouTube (and if you’re in the mood to “push” some more Jim fame out into the cybersphere, it’d be grand if you could mark the video as a favorite, tell friends about it, share your thoughts in the video’s comments area…)
Here’s a link to the video:
And the audio books as read by James Marsters:
Storm Front
Fool Moon
Grave Peril

7 thoughts on “Buzzy Multimedia – Video Interview with Jim”

  1. It is my distinct pleasure to mark it as a favorite. It is my EVEN MORE distinct pleasure to see him immediately list Robert B. Parker when asked about favorite authors. Bwa ha.

  2. That was a nice interview, it was funny. I wanted to hear some info on White Night though..

  3. Awesome! White knight was mostly ignored though. And did you notice Jim said he was D-E-D dead? Really bad jim-ish humor? Or was he illuding to the fact that he was still alive?

  4. Loved the interview. It was my first real glimpse of Butcher.
    And he is everything i thought he would be. Please take that as a good thing. 😉

  5. I watched the interview. That Harry was stumbled upon says something about Jim as a writer- I am eager to see what happens when he really plans something. Also, very keen on the whole idea of an “apocalyptic trilogy”- sounds neat!
    Best of luck to Shannon Butcher!

  6. Fantastic interview Jim! Thank you for sharing with us! I will always be a dedicated fan!! Someday I hope to meet you in person! I look forward to Shannon’s book coming out too!!
    Thank you,

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