Oct 262006

Jim speaks! Hear him on the Slice of Scifi podcast:

 Posted by on 2006/10/26 at 5:07 pm

  6 Responses to “Jim Butcher interviewed on the Slice of Scifi podcast”

  1. Fun interview!
    I adore his description of the Codex Alera!

  2. Yes, Jim, you make great popcorn-worthy books! butter-flavored crunchy goodness. Not good for the diet but bring it on, we want more!

  3. Great interview, Hopefully Jim has time for an interview on their other podcast “Dragon Page Cover to Cover” which focuses on scifi and fantasy novels. I really want to more information on White Night.

  4. That’s one of my favorite podcats anyway, so I was really thrilled to find one of my favorite authors on it. Great stuff!

  5. Happy Birthday Harry! Neat podcaast!

  6. Does anyone know the EXACT date the TV series will be starting? I know it starts in January, but not the exact date. Thank you!

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