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  1. OK, I have been keeping up with the Dresden series ever since a fellow bookworm handed me the first 5 books in the series during a “I need new books to read!” desperation spell. I fell fantastically hard for them and could not get enough. In fact I even got in trouble at work for reading too much because I could not put them down. I finished all five books in two days (would have been shorter but I did need sleep eventually!) and proceeded to purchase them and the newer books as well.
    Jim B., I truly dig your writing style and character creation. Fun and snarky and serious all at the same time, a reader can truly become addicted within a few pages. BTW, I had NO CLUE there was a TV series(as I have limited internet access and just recently got “Hooked on Harry”) planned until I was watching the Battlestar Season 3 premiere on Sci-fi. I was working at my wine bar in Dallas when the teaser came on. All shreds of dignity went completely out the window and I squealed like a kid at Christmas and completely geeked out. Then I proceeded to inform all my customers about the series and call all of my fellow Harry addicts. I cannot wait!
    Also, I am one of those rare people who can understand why changes need to be made when converting book to film/TV. Over the years, I have discovered that as long as the film stays true to the characters, the other minor details are not important. Some details that we LOVE as readers, unfortunately are not so important to the plot that they have to be in the film. I hope that fans remember that unfortunately, filmakers only have a certain amount of time to show their film to us and some decisions have to be made about what to keep. Now I am not saying ALL book-to-films have been well edited, but what I have heard so far with the series seems acceptable. I think my only real issue is that Bob couldn’t remain a skull and is a fire spirit? (hope I have heard correctly). I hope it does not ruin the effect and impact of Bob. The name changes are really not important. And the most important thing is that YOU, Jim Butcher, are pleased as punch with the TV series. I know so many other authors whose works were ruined. Keep up the good work!And thanks for keeping us fans filled in!
    Kara M.

  2. Jonathan Ross is dubbed "risque" by Ofcom but not in breach of rules over an interview with David Cameron…

  3. Doctor Who takes three prizes at the National Television Awards in a repeat of its success last year…

  4. Every time the commercial for the Dresden series appears on SciFi, I hear screams of joy from both my husband and my fifteen year old son. The screams are my cue to run for the nearest television and try to catch the last few seconds of the ad. I’ve lost count of the people that I’ve passed my ratty old Storm Front paperback to who’ve come back cursing me for addicting them to yet another series. I emailed every single one of them with SciFi’s blurb site when I saw all of five seconds of the first ad when it was scrambled in with a half dozen other up and coming SciFi shows.
    The more I learn about the series, the more I remember how so many book-to-film ventures have crashed and burned. I can understand the name change from Karrin to Connie. Really, would we be happy with any other name? Probably not.
    And the changes of race for some characters? Frankly, I think it’s silly. I’m sure there would be other ways to work in folks of different races. And wasn’t Susan Hispanic? I seem to recall several descriptions that may not have come out and said it, but sure seemed to lean that way. Why not keep her that way?
    And sure, Murphy is supposed to be cute and blonde and short and blue eyed… I don’t know how tall Valerie Cruz is but other than changing her gender (like the did to Starbuck and Boomer) she couldn’t be more of a polar opposite (okay, some of you might think she’s cute. I disagree. I think she’s pretty. Maybe beautiful. Dot Warner (of Animaniacs fame) is cute. Annie (from the movie of the same name) is cute. Kittens and puppies are cute. The girl you had a crush on in the seventh grade was cute. Karrin Murphy is cute (but don’t ever tell her that you think so if you don’t want your nose broken). Valerie Cruz? Not cute.
    And the Blue Beetle… Isn’t Michael supposed to be driving the white truck?
    And Bob, the not-a-skull.
    Ok. So some of the changes I don’t much care for…
    Jim, if you’re happy with what they’re doing, I’ll keep an open mind. I’m looking forward to seeing how they deal with Wizard of Oz style monkey demons who fling flaming poo. And the Red Court vamps sans skin. And the various and sundry demon battles.
    I hope it’s good. The books are amazing and addictive but whether it’s television or big screen, someone who isn’t a die-hard fan but has decision making power could screw it up easily. If it’s good, I hope they don’t cancel it like they did Firefly. The bastards.

  5. They changed Murphy’s name due to a problem with there actually being a Chicago policewoman named “Karyn Murphy”…that’s too close for SciFi to risk. I’m disappointed, but there really is no way that they can use the character’s original name.

  6. When I heard the whole “Connie” thing, I nearly freaked. It just doesn’t sound right. Even though I understand that substance is more important than appearance, switching Murphy and Susan’s looks just strikes me as going a bit far. If SciFi doesn’t screw it up, then people attracted to the books by hte tv series wil probably be confused. Noy only that, but Butcher focuses a lot of attention on a character’s looks. Sure, it’s not important to the plot, but it’s hard to not get a certain image in your head after Butcher constantly mentioning Murphy’s blue eyes, blonde hair, and short body or whatever. It actually kind of goes with the personality. I am disappointed, but hopefully, the show will come out great and make up for some of it. If not, then the only question that will be on my mind is, “What in the hell was Butcher thinking approving it?”

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