Cursor’s Fury Hits the Shelves and The Future of Alera

It’s looking like a great December for Jim Butcher fans. As Cursor’s Fury hits the bookshelves everywhere, we have news about the future of the Codex Alera series!
Fresh Fiction’s Tanzey Talk reveals this tidbit: “Roc has signed sci-fi author Jim Butcher for CAPTAIN’S FURY and two more titles, books four through six of his Codex Alera series featuring Tavi, the only one of his race to lack the magical power of the Furies.”
Cursor’s Fury: Buy it from Amazon!
Fresh Fiction’s Tanzey Talk: Read it here!

46 thoughts on “Cursor’s Fury Hits the Shelves and The Future of Alera”

  1. I got hooked on the The Codex Alera series and each book seems to get better. This is the best series of books I have read in 15 years. I’ve been waiting for something this good to come along. I just wish it could come along faster. Keep up the good work Mr. Butcher. You rock.

  2. I love Cursor’s Fury I have read it about a 20 times now!!!! Jim please do wait to long a do a Melanie Rawn, I think would die then.
    Thank you for this Wonderful World.

  3. Cursor’s Fury was amazing, I can’t thank you enough for writing such an amazingly wonderful action filled book. Never before have i been so excited while i was reading a book as i was with this one. I wanted the book to last forever yet at the same time couldn’t stop reading in excitement for the end, Please hurry up with Captain’s Fury or at least with a preview chapter, I cant wait till Tavi realizes his full Fury potential or whatever it’s called.

  4. Absolutely extraordinary series. Period. The Codex Alera series is the best one I have ever read. I thought Stephen King’s Dark Tower Series could never be topped for pure fun. But these books, especially Cursor’s Fury, put paid to that. Keep it up.

  5. Jim, kudos! I have been a voracious reader since I was about 5, so going on 22 years now. I have read all the “classics” and I have read all the powerhouses of modern fantasy (Jordan, Martin, Friedman, Williams, ect.) and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you ARE ranking among them. I admit to being something of a literary snob, I may love a story and hate the writing and vice versa.. but you have excelled at both.
    I don’t do it every night, but often enough I thank God for granting some people the gift of storytelling, the gift of writing. You and your ilk weave a world and allow us to journey in it and that is my greatest passion in life. Thank you.

  6. Oh man Jim! I am so engulfed in this Saga! Cursor’s Fury was off the hook and the advanced chapters of Captain’s Fury would as good. I just cant wait any longer. Please send me an advance copy of Captain’s Fury. I’ll pay 200 bucks for it. 🙂

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