10 thoughts on “Dresden Files TV News: A New Promo – Harry Speaks!”

  1. My only concern with the promos I’ve seen is that they don’t seem to give enough for people who don’t read the books. Since I do read them (voraciously), I can’t wait.

  2. The new promo’s makes him sound more educated and more mysterious. The mysterious part is a great teaser to pull an audience in. The more educated makes him sound like an english professor or a british actor trying to sound like an American; maybe it’s just the way his dialogue is written. Ebenezar sure doesn’t sound anything like that and he is nearly 300 years old! Americans talk fast, love slang (I do), and we like to squash our words together, plus all the swearing. Just ask the eastern european kids who come here to work each summer ,they’ve been studying english for years and they can hardly understand us and yes I’m in the Midwest and I don’t think I talk that fast.
    We’ll have to see if the wiseass part of his personality show up on the show.
    Other then that I’m just; HOLY CHRIST ON A CRACKER! I AM SO PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I just hope they continue the ‘inner voice’ voice overs like the promo spot does. That would go a LONG way to getting the feel of the books and Harry’s sarcasm and wit across to the viewers.

  4. Congradulations on the show, I just saw the promos. I’m just a little disappointed on the person they picked for Harry. From the books description Harry is tall, dark,and handsome in a untame sort of way. Also I pictured him a bit younger looking, maybe it’s the hair cut. All that said i’m still excited to watch the shows debute to see how it compares to the books.If it doesn’t sway to far from the books,it should make an excellent show.

  5. Check out the Feb. edition of the Sci-Fi Channel mag. It’s got an article about the Dresden files in which they try to explain what direction they are going to take the show. It clears up some confusion about the changes we are seeing. They share info about what some of the episodes are about. Each time I read it over, it makes me drool all over again! And they changed his childhood just a little. Justin Morningway is/was his uncle, and your know who’s side (good vs. evil) he’s on!

  6. My only question is will the books form the basis for the storyline of the shows, or will the shows break off on their own tangent, and become cheesey, like every other book to tv adaptation?
    How much control over his character does Jim have?
    Will Jim be able to look a script over, and say, “no don’t do this, this is crap”
    Fortunately Sci-Fi is pretty good about not screwing up their liscences… (ala frank herberts Dune)
    Also, if they do break off on their own, and write their own stories, where do they fit in the canon of the Dresden files?
    Will they be treated as another ‘dresden file’ ? Or will this lead to other authors writing their own ‘dresden files’

  7. I can’t wait for the show. But i’m afraid it’s going to flop big time. I mean, I just started reading the books (I’m near the end of Grave Peril right now..read Storm Front and Fool Moon in 4 days) and as I happen to be a big fan of book to movie, or comics to movie, or book to show type of formats..i’m just kind of..let down by what I’ve seen so far..for gods sake..as far as I can tell Bob isn’t even a spirit in a skull. check this link out.
    Terrence Mann – Bob
    I’m still gonna watch the 2 hour pilot (even though Morgan’s now a black guy ((not a racist just it’s not hard to keep morgan white with the looks of sean connery and a pony tail, and bob a skull..not hard to transition that at all, I think))
    I just HOPE that if this show gets picked up, the creators will use their better judgements and make the necessary modifications.
    Dresden Alleister Evernight-Octane
    Quick Note
    (I took on the name Dresden and Practiced witchcraft before I ever heard of the Dresden files, hell of coincidence eh?..not that you care..heh.)

  8. You’re a bit underinformed there, “Dresden Octane”… Bob is still a spirit in a skull, actually — the “human” you’re seeing is a ghost.
    In fact, you’re going through all the usual paroxysms of nerdfury that Jim Butcher has already explicitly addressed in a half-hour interview on the Butcher Block podcast. Click on the “Podcast!” link at the top of the page and give it a listen!

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