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  1. I think Harry should takeup the sword (when it lets him). In Proven Guilty, he implied that there was a bad storm brewing with players that had not yet revealed themselves. He will need the sword. If not Harry, give it to Murphy or Michael’s daughter (that Harry is training).
    I agree with Michael. I fear the series will not be of the quality it deserves. Too many good books have been butchered (no pun intended) when taken to the screen.

  2. About Murph getting the sword…
    I think she’d be perfect for it. Shiro’s sword wasn’t huge. Shiro is described by Jim as a small man and as an Iaijutsu practicioner i can attest to the fact that many smallish women are fearsome with a katana. Her character is also dead on for a potential wielder of one of the Three. She’s fearless, compassionate, and loyal. Plus she’s hot.

  3. how bout that warden, the one that oversaw security at micheals daughter’s hearing, you know, that helped him at the end of dead beat?he seemed like the right material for a knight.Or Marcone, i mean he may be a sinner, but so was the russian knight, he used to be a denarius. kincaid cant get it, he is some sort of demon. It could be a character we havnt seen yet.

  4. No Murphy shouldn’t get the sword cause she’s Murphy she’s supposed to kick ass and shoot things, and just be a bad ass. The only people that should get the sword, is basically an unknown that actually knows how to use a katana, hell maybe even Dresdens brother or Dresden himself cause he needs more power, he has the fallen chit in his head but it would be amusing to see him use a sword lol, and for gods sake ppl don’t butcher the damn tv series and ruin the actual book series for me that would really suck

  5. ok first off even if murphy gets the sword she is not going to be packing it around where ever she goes. Heck Michael doesnt do it now. Second Harry will know who the sword goes to when he meets the person. So we can safely assume that no one Harry knows or has interacted with since recieveing the sword will get it. Harry might use it from time to time becuase he is the custoden of the sword. Harry was able to wield Michaels sword if you remember but he just screwed up becuase he used it wrong.
    Ok watching the previews on scifi.com I dont know what to make. I just hope they have harry puking at a crime sceen or doing some monologe because they can kill this show by making him a bad ass. He is not! Harry has lots of power but no finase as he puts it so much in each book. Murphy is a burnette so people get over that I know in the book she is a blond. I think you have to give some leeway because you can not have everything perfect I just hope that they get very very close and not screw up with bob being a skull and harry just getting barely getting by, by the skin of his duster.
    Thank you for listening to me rant

  6. Jim, Stop reading these comments and get to work on the next Dresden book!

  7. Murphy will get the sword and she will probably get the Michael’s territory. Remeber how Michael was telling Harry about having a feeling that his days as a knight were numbered? Also Murph was just demoted so she’ll have more time to spend chasing down super-natural evil with Harry.

  8. I’m truly hoping Murphy gets the sword. In my in-depth, multitudinous readings of the Dresden Files, I think Jim’s been hinting at it for awhile:
    1) Murphy has a katana hanging over her fireplace – it was mentioned in, I think, Grave Peril.
    2) Harry saw her with his Third Eye as an avenging crusader with a sword (also in Grave Peril).
    3) Murphy’s short and the katana is the ideal size for her to wield.
    4) She’s lately been having a crisis of faith, as discussed in Blood Rites (?). Her ideals in law, truth and justice have left a hole in her. I think she won’t be ready to receive the sword until that’s healed.
    5) Michael feels like his time is coming to an end (NOOOOOO!), leaving the American territory open for a female knight
    6) Why NOT a female knight? Joan of Arc, anybody? Although it might require that Murphy be virginal, or since it’s too late for Murphy, chaste/pure. Sucks and blows, but in a male-dominated Christian belief system, she might be forced to have an extra rule to follow, extra burden to bear. Which I can’t see Murphy too happy about, i.e. juicy romantic/lustful drama whenever Harry’s around!!!
    7) Last, but certainly not least, who wants to see a knock-down-drag-out-kickass woman vs. badass bitch sword battle between Knight Murphy and Lasciel the Fallen Angel over Harry’s soul? Raise your hands if you do! (Jim, is that your hand I see out there waving so enthusiastically? I hope so!)

  9. I also think it’s Murph. Murphy’s come a long way from the first book in terms of her beliefs, seen a lot, and she’s gotten a lot stronger along the way, kinda like a young Arthur. Michael alluded to the last wizard who got a sword for safekeeping, the original Merlin. I think Harry was meant to keep for someone he’s close to, but isn’t ready, even if he doesn’t know who it is. When it’s time for her to have it, the sword would be close by, but since Harry doesn’t know who it’s for, he can’t give it to her prematurely.

  10. Murphy getting the sword:
    Not only do I expect it to happen, I would be incredibly disappointed if it didn’t. Diane’s post back in Sept sums it all up, exept for #6. Remember that not all Knights are Christian. One, in fact, is an Atheist. So Murphy’s “purity” has no bearing. All that matters is her heart, and her actions (especially when paired up with Kincaid, ie not wanting to work with him because he only did it for the money) show that she has the right heart to be a Knight. Murphy’s being setup for it. I think there’s no question about it.

  11. Murphy is Ok I guess. But in the last book she made me want to puke. I skipped most conversations with her in them. She must have repeated the people-of-Chicago-oath-thing at least five times. each time it meant that she could do whatever she wanted and if anyone said no she would tell on them to her buddies the cops. How does she figure that being a cop means she should have jurisdiction over any private meetings that involves the welfare of the city? I had no idea that no one was allowed to do anything without the cops knowing about it. What happened to that one piece of paper with all those amendments and stuff? Isn’t it supposed to be bad to have a police state? What a snotty brat. She is always snarky and bad tempered and about the most negative, ungrateful little creature imaginable. Does she even like anyone? She doesn’t even seem happy with Kinkaid very often. No wonder men leave her. Harry is a masochist. And he likes to be controlled by a woman. He really should date her. It makes sense. Kinkaid is a bit too alpha for Karrin. I don’t care if she gets the sword, but if they don’t tone down her arrogance a bit, she will ruin the books. The last book will likely not sell as well as the rest, in large part because of her. I can see the die hard fans like her cos she has been there from the start, but I know a lot of people complain about her, and you need the fans who are not just going to buy the book to find out what happens next.

  12. Charity should get the sword. It would be too cool to have her more involved. And I would love to see the Carpenters kick ass together. Next to her Susan Rodriguez would be great. I think Susan was a good character. Murphy doesn’t do a lot for me. Its like she feels that having the police do everything is proper, and it doesn’t matter if it is logical or not, she wants to be proper. I just can’t see the lady cop that guards our local SA at night fighting off a Denarian. Cops just aren’t that tough. Not even SWAT. They are effective when they have the enemy outnumbered and outmaneuvered, which they can usually manage to do thanks to their radios and ability to call in backup. But they can’t do an even fight like a mercenary. Its too much of a stretch even in a book.

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