Buzzy Multimedia ( is producing the audio version of SUMMER KNIGHT, book 4 of the Dresden Files. There is no word yet about who will be reading the book, but as soon as we know, we’ll announce it here.


  1. “Preved Medved”……which is obviously Ukrainian for “Get James Marsters,please!!” 😀

  2. it realy should be james marsters who reads the rest f he book because for the poeple who dont read the books and jst listen to them he realy makes it work and anyone else would just be some doof trying to be our harry dresden. just to be fair to the fans it MUST be James

  3. The (audio)books get shipped to Holland everytime one is released (friends and family know what to get me as gifts, they’re trained well 😉 ).
    I think everyone here agrees, it’s supposed to be read by James Marsters. He got me hooked on the books and the story of Harry Dresden. No one else can do Bob or Toot Toot the way James does.

  4. I discovered “The Dresden Files” via the Sci Fi Channel and instantly fell in love w/ the series. I’m also a steadfast “Buffyverse” Fan. Imagine the cheese-eating grin on my face when I found out that James Marsters was reading books written by Jim Butcher. I rushed to the local library and checked out every single audio book they had (at the time Small Favor was the only one.) It’s better than peanut butter meeting chocolate. This is a perfect match. Keep writing excellent books, Jim and keep James (and his smoky baritone voice) reading them.

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