Jim’s New Books are Climbing the Charts

Just a quick note because Jim’s agent contacted us to let us know…
Jim Butcher’s PROVEN GUILTY is #21 on the New York Times Bestseller List. And #91 on the USA Today List. The paperback of DEAD BEAT is #143 on the USA Today List.
This is fantastic news, and the highest Jim’s work’s gotten to date (unless I’ve got my facts messed up).
Let the partying commence!

24 thoughts on “Jim’s New Books are Climbing the Charts”

  1. The book is amazing! No wonder it’s selling like a little hot cake! GO JIM!!

  2. OH. MY. YAYYYYY!!!!!
    I luv you Jim! I’d name a baby after you but I, ya know, don’t have one so I’ll have to settle on a shrine. I just wish I could see you, watch you, touch you … or not. Stupid living in Canada.
    Keep the books coming Jim, You rule!!!
    -from a true Jimatic 😉

  3. …Proven Guilty looks like a hardcover to me, but apparently the real HARDCOVER is coming later.
    Have to wait for sometime to actually buy it. But I shall buy it! The sample chapters are haunting me though. Thank goddess for the Toronto Public Library system though. I have it on hold…

  4. i got mine in the mail last night and read it straight away without sleeping best book so far keep it up jim can’t wait for next book

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