Jim’s New Books are Climbing the Charts

Just a quick note because Jim’s agent contacted us to let us know…
Jim Butcher’s PROVEN GUILTY is #21 on the New York Times Bestseller List. And #91 on the USA Today List. The paperback of DEAD BEAT is #143 on the USA Today List.
This is fantastic news, and the highest Jim’s work’s gotten to date (unless I’ve got my facts messed up).
Let the partying commence!

24 thoughts on “Jim’s New Books are Climbing the Charts”

  1. Hells Bells, that’s fantabulous!!!!
    I got my copy of Proven Guilty in the mail yesterday, I’m already half way through it. I have a definate love/hate thing going with it. I absolutely love the story. Jim Rocks!!! But, I was up for a good part of the night reading-I couldn’t put the darn thing down. Now, I’m sleepy. That won’t stop me for staying up all night to finish it tonight, though. Keep ’em coming.

  2. A friend and I were walking through the bookstore 4 days before the “official” release and some stock-boy accidentilally put it out on the shelf! We each bought a copy quick before anyone saw. I DID stay up all night reading it, with no regrets. Well, one. Now I don’t have a new Jim Butcher book to read any more.

  3. Congratulations, Jim! Keep up the good work! and let’s see more on Bob! (ok, write what you want, we love it!)

  4. Congratulations Jim! You make the coolest books. I’m surprised you haven’t reached the list already!

  5. Jim:
    I loved the new book. I am a very slow reader and I have just broke my record for reading a book. I read Proven guilty in 3 days. Ok Jim Where is the next book?

  6. I’m jealous that other people have read the books; I’m just really cheap and won’t read it until my library gets it. : – (

  7. Congratulations!!! I just finished rereading the whole series this past week. Gets better and better…

  8. Yay Jim!!!!!!!!!!
    That is so awsome!!!!!!
    I seriously finished Proven Guilty in just over a day. I swear, I couldn’t put it down. So… I decided to screw my schoolwork for a couple of days, and have a mental party.
    *jumps up and down, dancing like a spaz*
    Me and my voices thank you for writing such amazing books.

  9. You should make the virtual signing a tradition for all future books…it was so cool to get my book in the mail, personalized and everything! Proven Guilty is absolutely fantastic…much credit to you for not letting Harry become something different as the series goes on…he’s still our favorite hard-headed, big-hearted wizard, with a dash of Hellfire on the side!

  10. It’s going to go up further and further as time goes on. Harry has evolved SO much from Storm Front.. he’s just fun, interesting, light reading that can make you laugh every other page and you grow to love. Congratulations on becoming an outstanding success!
    I asked Santa this year for my own witty, amoral skull who I trade romance paperbacks for arcane knowledge.. he told me he’d get back to me on it though.

  11. Proven Guilty Rocked! Of course its making its way up the bestseller charts- I got so into it I finished it the day I got it. Harry Dresden is my favorite fictional character and I can’t wait for the next book. Too bad I was in such a hurry to finish this one- now I’ll just have to reread the entire series (again)

  12. ‘grats for making your highest ranking on the charts! 😀
    Someone at the Borders in Silver Spring MD put the book out a day early >.> I went ahead and bought it anyway, around ~3:00PM. Was finished with it three hours later. I think that’s a record for me.
    I loved the Dresden/Murphy-ness you included too! Pity it didn’t work out though. >.>
    Can’t wait for book nine! 😀

  13. Brilliant! One of the best books so far!Read it in a day – train, work & lunch breaks and then into the night!
    Thank you

  14. Congrats, I loved the book, loved all the books, Harry is just awesome, I working to get as many people as possible hooked on them. I think Harry has moved to the top of my list as most loved character and stories. Keep the books coming. And Thanks for the virtual signing, it was totally cool get a signed copy, even if I didn’t get to meet you, maybe you will come somewhere near Jacksonville FL for a signing for the next book out.

  15. Almost wasnt able to get the new book, luckily my wife had reserved a copy in my name, since every bookstore in a 20 mile radious was sold out of it, and thats alot of freaking stores in atlanta.

  16. Dude, I was all, “OMG the new book is out already?!” when I friend of mine mentioned she’d just finished reading it.
    This led to going to the nearest bookstore ASAP to find it. Alas, they had just gotten a new shipment of books in and Proven Guilty had yet to be put on the shelves and I was told to come back in a day or two. This led to me calling a day or two later and the nice sales associate hunting around the store for the book and setting it aside for me to pick up when I came in.
    I brought it with me on a flight home and was just getting to the really good stuff (well, all of it’s good, but you know what I mean) near the end when my plane touched down. Angst and woe ensued until I could settle down to finish it.
    Now I’m just sad there isn’t more to read.

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