Mar 132009

Unfortunately, due to production delays, the audio book versions of Proven Guilty, White Night, and Turn Coat have been pushed back to April 30th. Many online retailers still list April 2nd or April 7th as the release date, but this is incorrect. Apologies for the inconvenience.
But don’t worry, this doesn’t affect the hardback release of Turn Coat! It’s still due in stores April 7th. You can pre-order yours through the Store or get a signed, personalized copy through the Dog Eared Books Virtual Signing.
For the time being, read all five Turn Coat sample chapters here, or listen to Jim reading them aloud on the Butcher Block podcast. You can also see if Jim is touring to a city near you!

  11 Responses to “Audio delay”

  1. Good! I have had my copy of Turn Coat ordered
    since last year. I really, really ready for the
    next adventure of Harry Dresden.

  2. Speaking of audio, Did anyone else have a problem with the audio cd of Small Favor? the last couple of tracks on every CD of my copy skips and stutters really bad. Its not scratched or anything, it did this straight out of the box and even when I tried to put it on my mp3 player it comes out with the skips/stutters. Unfortunately I bought it from a Walden that was closing so I’m kinda S.O.L. but wanted to see if anyone else had the problem.
    I look forward to seeing you in Chicago Jim!

  3. Well, phooey…now I need to rig a book stand so I can read the book without killing my neck. Eh well, it will be worth the pain!

  4. At least the delay isn’t long. I didn’t have skipping issues but I did notice some changes in the pronunciation of some of the words which kinda frustrated me.
    Still looking forward to the next book though! Wish you had some appearances closer to the Washington, DC area Jim. I guess I’ll have to settle for a virtual signing and watching YouTube interviews. 😛

  5. Apparently the on line vendors have all decided to delay shipping of Turn Coat until the actual release date. So you will not receive your pre-order until a number of days AFTER the release date. Your only hope to get it on time is to reserve your copy at a physical location and pick it up in person. So much for customer service.

  6. johnm308 ~ There was a problem with the first cutting of Small Favors. I got mine from the Buzzy ladies and disc 3 was completely missing. They contacted the publisher and they send me a new set. I’d give their customer service a call.

  7. Anyone know if is going to distribute turncoat and if so when?
    I didn’t see anything on their website

  8. Audible has turncoat as of 4/12. Any idea on the others?

  9. I think I remember reading that some larger publishing house bought distribution rights for the HD series, but I don’t remember where. If so they may end up publishing all the HD books on audible.
    BTW, I bought and read TC in about 4 days, and now that TC is on audible, I’m listening to it for a second pass on the story.

  10. Has anybody received their copies of the cd’s yet? Just curious.

  11. Does anyone know when blood rites and dead beat audio books will be released and when they will be available to order?

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