Nov 242009

Today sees the release of the final book in the Codex Alera, First Lord’s Fury! Purchase a copy through the store or support your local bookstore.
Please be courteous and DO NOT POST SPOILERS in the comments.

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  1. Been an avid fan of Jim since my ex-boyfriend urged me to read Storm Front a few years ago, and then again urged me to read FoC once I had become a slave to the Dresden Files. High fantasy has always been my first love–and Codex grew to be my favourite book series of all time. I used to have such trouble picking just one favourite when people would ask.
    Bittersweet now–sad to see Alera go, but undoubtedly satisfied with the series conclusion. Some loose strings left makes it all the better in a way: we get to wonder, and use our imaginations. As long as we don’t have *all* the answers, the Codex isn’t really over. Loved every page, every sarcastic and witty remark, and every character (yes, *everyone* included–the less desirable ones must be loved for what they are, because without them, life would be unutterably boring for our heroes).
    The best line from the series still comes, in my opinion, from Captain’s Fury:
    “The plan is insane,” Ehren said. “*You* are insane.” He looked around the inside of the tent. “I’ll need some pants.”

  2. Well, I truly loved the FLF, and I’m about to read it again.
    I personally would like to see more in this world (I’m particularly concerned about a certain “friendship” problem that I’d like to see resolved). There are still some stories about certain people about which I’d like to know more. And if there is any criticism I’d make of this book, it would be that I’d have liked to have seen less battle/combat details and more relationship details.
    Just my preference. I’ve very much enjoyed this series.

  3. I just finished first lords fury.I have enjoyed every book in the alera series and i hope you change your mind about ending the series.There are many story lines left.I’m sure you will get many ideas from you readers.I can think of many myself.So give an old man something to look forward and please continue the series.Thanks Barry

  4. still reading the princep’s fury…
    i’m still sad at how would the series end…
    i’m really glad that i’ve discovered your book(jim butcher)…
    my friends also went gaga with your codex series…
    i’ll try the dresden files next…=p

  5. Kinda off the subject of FLF, but I was lookin’ through “The Store” for maybe a First Lord T-shirt of some kind.Are there any out there? And where do I find some?

  6. Kinda off the subject of FLF, but I was lookin’ through “The Store” for maybe a First Lord T-shirt of some kind.Are there any out there? And where do I find some?

  7. OMG I loved it!!! FLF was fantastic! Im sad that its the end of the series though. Keep up the good work Jim!!!!

  8. i love Dresden files, and the codex series was- heck, IS- amazing, still
    this novel was pure epic-ness
    cant wait for CHANGES

  9. Loved the Codex…finished FLF today in one sitting, just couldn’t put it down. I need more from this world – please give us more!!!

  10. Finally got my hardcover of FLF. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks Jim

  11. I couldn’t get on with my life until I finished reading this. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Codex Alera series. Thank you Jim for creating such a rich, complex world with the most inspiring, witty, courageous and “human” characters ever. The epilogue felt a little rushed and left me wanting more, but maybe that was intentional 😉 Thanks again!

  12. I’m actually delighted to see an author who can write a good (excellent!) series and then END it, with a conclusion and everything. Too many writers get caught up in the series and go on and on, and end up never answering all the storylines. It’s good to see a series where you get some closure, rather than endless questions, and this gives me hope that the Dresden Files will get an equally spectacular climax. Now, just don’t stop writing – please!

  13. I have read some series that have gone on way too long, but i don’t know if I can really the Codex Alera being over. I couldn’t put FLF down until I finished, but then I dreaded it being over. Guess I’ll have to start back over at the beginning. I still have the next Dresden File to look forward to!

  14. Loved the book to no end and have made my friends read it and they also got hooked by it. Jim you are one of the best writers in the world and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the years to come.
    Thank you for writing the Codex it was simply an amazing story.

  15. I am really sad that the Codex Alera series have been completed. The last book was too short!! I could have happily gone on to a few more chapters. Please, PLEASE give us a few short stories involving Tavi, Kitai, Max, Crassus, Marcus etc (i.e the whole cast of characters and even some new ones) very soon!

  16. Let me first say I love JB’s books. All of them. I have all of them in hard cover that were available in hard cover. But didn’t Rucus (Max and Crassius’ father die in the battle with the Vord Queen? If that is the case how did he take Crassius’ mother back home with him? Maybe im wrong.

  17. I listen to your books on audible files, Your books are the best! I couldn’t wait for FLF, I even ordered the actual book, it did not dissapoint, I loved it! Please write more about those wonderful characters that you created. I listen during my commute, when I paint, when I do dishes, I love the Dresden Files as well. Kate Reading and James Marsters are the best also! No complaints, can’t wait for the next book!!

  18. I was really hoping for a boy, O well. Keep it up Jim!

  19. HI Jim, Loved the entire series. I picked up Academs Fury first and then realized how much fun the books were.
    Just finished FLF and the one thing that really stands out is how rich all the characters are. They have lives, histories, a future and its so beautifully connected.
    Do keep writing

  20. Just finished this book and have to say that the Codex Alera series has moved up into my one of my all-time favorites. The characterization and world-building are really well done. Too bad it ends here, lets just hope Jim has more Fantasy up his sleeve in the future.

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