Apr 062010

Tonight, Jim has his first stop on the Changes signing tour! We hope you’ll be able to join him along the way.
April 6, 2010, 6:30PM
2342 Bissonnet St
Houston, TX
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April 7, 2010, 8:00PM
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA
Seattle/Tacoma, WA
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April 8, 2010, 7:00PM
POWELL’S BOOKS/Cedar Hills Crossing
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd
Beaverton, OR
Portland, OR
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April 9, 2010, 7:00PM
7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Ste 302
San Diego, CA
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April 10, 2010, 3:00PM
7881 Edinger Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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April 12, 2010, 7:00PM
BORDERS #464/Lee’s Summit
1664 N.W. Chipman Road
Lee’s Summit, MO
Kansas City, MO
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  94 Responses to “Changes signing tour”

  1. Philly please!
    I would love to come to one of your signings. 🙂

  2. Hi Jim,
    I’ve got a GREAT idea! I really think you should come to Toronto’s FanExpo August 27 – 29 2010..Your fans up here would go CRAZY if you were on the bill. Pleeeeeeeeeeease???

  3. Jim,
    I know there’s nothing up here, but please… Michigan, Indiana, Ohio… something like that. Please. These books, your books are just genius! I know it’s a little late to amend your schedule now, but maybe for the next book… Please? Thanks for reading my plea.

  4. wiki says we may get 7 – 10 more books for Harry!!! PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE let it be MORE!!!!!

  5. greetings from Ontario Canada. I know your a busy person but please don’t forget your fans north of the border. After all i shamelessly promote your books up here, they are an excellent read. Kitchener ON.

  6. So…MI is a great place. Particularly, the Detroit area. Really, anywhere in southeastern MI. I’ll be here. Waiting. Patiently.

  7. Come to Baltimore Comic-Con!
    This year’s Baltimore Comic-Con will be held August 28-29, 2010.

  8. You should come to Book Expo America in NYC.

  9. Hey, if you live in Independence why don’t you scoot on over to Columbia sometime. You have many a loyal fan here and I would certainly love to have an autograph.
    Thanks for a fantastic series. I lends to many a topic of conversation/disagreement/and laughs between my father and I as we are both dedicated fans.

  10. come to buffalo ny, i want an autograph,btw how come you never mention harry having a hat, the covers show him wearing one. i like the hat and the duster, heck i wear a black trench myself. love the series, and since my other favorite author passed being robert parker, i now have a new favorite in you mr. butcher. keep the great work going.

  11. I’ll second the notion for coming to Buffalo, ny

  12. Would love to see you in Chicago!! ( Or one of those events posted as Chicago, but is really in the suburbs)

  13. You forgot Memphis… okay so we are not that big of a stop, but I can hope can’t I?

  14. OMG please come back to Kansas City Missouri my husband would love to see you he is in the air force and was too busy to be able to come this month=(

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