Mar 242020

Today will be more explosive than a pyrofuego at a fireworks factory. The trailer is here, and we have massive news! And y’all are so passionate our website went down last night just from the anticipation of the trailer. If it happens again, we’ll be keeping you updated on twitter at @jimbutchernews, so you don’t miss a thing!

Here’s what today’s schedule looks like:

10:30am Eastern: 

  • THE TRAILER IS HERE! Hit up io9 for the exclusive premiere of the long-awaited Peace Talks trailer AND read chapter one!
  • WE WANT TO SEE YOUR REACTION. Film yourself watching the trailer for the first time and send the video to using the large file sending utility of your choice: Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc. We’ll be editing them together into a massive compilation video, and we’d love to include you.
  • Spend the next couple hours rewatching the trailer obsessively, cataloguing every detail, and screaming over the explosive new info with your friends.  
  • Realize you have a million questions for Jim and trailer director Priscilla Spencer about what you just saw. Tweet them to @jimbutchernews, and we’ll try to answer as many as we can at:

12:30pm Eastern: 

  • Jim and director Priscilla Spencer will jump on Zoom for a Q&A, and you should join us! The first 100 fans can watch live on Zoom’s webinar feature. For everyone else, we’re hoping to stream the Q&A on YouTube or Facebook, so everyone can participate and submit their questions live. If that livestreaming capability is overloaded, we’ll record it and post to YouTube afterwards, so everyone will still be able to see it. Keep an eye on @jimbutchernews for updates!

The Trailer

The Peace Talks trailer was written, directed, and co-executive produced by Priscilla Spencer, working closely with Jim, and it stars Jason Bernardo as Harry Dresden, Sarah Flannery as Karrin Murphy, Christopher Showerman as John Marcone, and Birgit Ludemann as Lara Raith.  A complete list of cast and crew can be found in the description on YouTube.

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