Happy Harry Halloween!

It’s Halloween, and that means it’s Harry Dresden’s birthday. In honor of our favorite sleuthy wizard, we’re releasing the third chapter in the Proven Guilty preview a day early. It’s a present for anyone!
In honor of the event, please post your favorite quotable moments from the Dresden Files by adding a comment to this post…!

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  1. Blood Rites
    Bobby: “You always a wiseass?”
    Harry: “No. Sometimes I’m asleep.”
    Joan: “If my blood sugar gets too low, I might take your head off.”
    Murphy: “I swear, if you blow out my hard drive again, I’m taking it out of your ass.”
    Harry: “Why would your hard drive be in my ass?”
    Murphy’s eyes narrowed.

  2. Molly: God that’s sad. You want to be with her but the sex part…
    Harry: Ewg. You are far too young to say that word.
    Molly: What word? Sex?
    Harry: Gah!
    Molly(grinning): But the bleep part would make her lose control?
    Harry(uncomfortably): Basically, yeah.
    Molly: Why don’t you tie her up?
    Harry: What?!
    Molly: It’s only practical. And hey, you’ve already got the handcuffs. If she can’t move while the two of you are bleeping, she can’t drink your blood right?
    Haha. And this one too…
    “How does he manage to make this place so nice, run his own business, and fight demons on the side?”
    “He probably watches a lot of those home-and-garden shows,” I said.
    She frowned. “The grass is green. It’s February and the grass is green. Doesn’t that strike you as strange?”
    “Sod works in mysterious ways.”
    One more…
    “Form up,” I murmured, because it sounded more military and tougher than saying, “You guys go first.”

  3. “God bless Mechanic Mike. If I heard a car complain about it’s closed doors being open one more time, I’d have to disintergrate something” – Harry (Dead Beat)

  4. Happy birthday Jim.
    The books are great, and Harry is hilarious, but my favorite line of all was when Harry snatched the unraveling from the Summer Lady and goes “Meep meep.”
    That made me laugh.
    Another one of my favorite lines was when Harry was having a conversation with his sub-conscious. I can’t remember the exact lines, though I do remember it made me crack-up.

  5. “No, you’re talking about the world of Kemmlar, I’m working on my Vegas act: Look’it! I’m DNA!” -Bob the Skull (Dead Beat)

  6. Well theres just too much to choose from, so i just picked the latest i could think of…
    “Jesus Christ,” Butters muttered. He’d gotten the improvised bandage off, and found a wound maybe three inches long, but deep, its edges puckered like a little mouth. Blood began drooling from it. “It’s like a knife wound, but bigger.”
    “That’s probably because it was done with something like a knife, but bigger.”
    “A sword?” Butters said. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
    “The Council’s old school,” I said. “Really, really, really old school.”
    Butters shook his head. “Wash your hands the way I just did. Do it thorough�takes two or three minutes. Then get a pair of gloves on and get back here. I need an extra pair of hands.”
    I swallowed. “Uh. Butters, I don’t know if I’m the right guy to�”
    “Oh bite me, wizard boy,” Butters said, his tone annoyed. “You haven’t got a moral leg to stand on. If it’s okay that I’m not a doctor, it’s okay that you aren’t a nurse. So wash your freaking hands and help me before we lose him.”
    I stared at Butters helplessly for a second. Then I got up and washed my freaking hands.
    =P I like this whole scene.

  7. My favorite quote is “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t an invisible demon about to eat your face” from Storm Front

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