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Jim’s comments, from the McAnally’s list:

I’m sure that many have already heard this one, but it’s official: Paul Blackthorne is Dresden. πŸ™‚
James would have loved to do the part, but he was unwilling to head to Toronto for five years: he has family growing up in and around LA, and he didn’t want to relocate away from them. It takes a great deal of personal integrity (and considerable wisdom) to realize which things in life are /really/ important. A lot of men wouldn’t have made the same decision when offered the temptation of a feature role, quite possibly leading to an ongoing, starring role as the absolute, uncontested core star of a show.
Ironically, James’ decision in this makes him, at least in my eyes, more Harry-like than ever, and kicks my respect for him up several notches. I’m disappointed–not that he made that decision, which I think is the right one–but that things just didn’t work out. That’s how business goes sometimes. There are no hard feelings on anyone’s side. If the movie goes to a series, though, maybe he could be talked into a guest spot. I can think of several characters, who, if used, James would be great for.
Mr. Blackthorne, according to all reports I’ve heard, is an extremely skilled actor with great presence, and able to do “dark” sorts of scenes and emotions very well. I think he looks remarkably like Connery when he was in “Darby O’Gill and the Little People.” You could do worse than a quasi-Connery for a lead actor. πŸ™‚ With luck, I’ll get a chance to visit the set and meet some of the people working on the movie, and give you guys some inside skinny when I return. πŸ™‚

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  1. I’d just like to say that I’m extremely relieved that Blackthorne has been cast as Harry instead of Marsters. I have nothing against Marsters, I’m sure he’s a good professional, nice guy, etc…but he was totally inappropriate for the part of Harry Dresden, in every way. Blackthorne’s acting credits and appearance make him a much better match for the part, in my opinion, and it’s refreshing whenever a literary character is well-cast. Here’s looking forward to the results. πŸ™‚

  2. I think James Marsters did the right thing, family wise, but I think he’d be good as someone like, oh, one of the wardens or Butters.

  3. I’d have been perfectly pleased with James Marsters as Harry, but Blackthorne is *tall* enough. πŸ™‚ Yay!

  4. I hope James stays for further audio books. His reading is terrific. ,-)

  5. Alas, I will miss James, but I understand his reasoning. Just as long as he keeps reading for the novels, I’m happy.
    As for putting James in another role, my first thought was Thomas (can’t you just see this?!). Somehow I think he might be reluctant to be a tertiary vampire *again*. πŸ˜‰
    I suppose I can give this Blackthorne guy a shot. I’m more worried about who’s gonna play Murphy. If they get Murphy wrong, the whole dang opera falls apart.
    *deposits $0.02*
    TB Rook

  6. Congratulations to Paul! I saw his guest run on ‘ER’, and he certainly has the right build for Harry. And the cocky attitude. I just hope he can pull off a convincing American accent; so many British actors can’t.
    Now we can eagerly await news of the rest of the cast… Johnny, Susan, Murphy, Mac, Morgan… Hmm, lotta Ms in that list. πŸ™‚ If it were up to me, I’d get Venus Terzo for Susan. She’s a strong Canadian actress, who’s done a lot of genre work.
    And kudos to James for putting family first. I’m glad that he’s at a place in his life and his career(s) that he feels comfortable enough to turn down such a tempting role.

  7. My figurative hat is off to James Marsters for the fortitude it must have taken to make that decision. I hope everything works out well in his career as well as for his family.
    That said, drat and sticklebats!!!! >:-/ JM has the perfect delivery for portraying Harry, and I’ll miss him in the part! Like most other folks though, I hope he’ll continue to do the Dresden audio books. Ah, that voice… πŸ™‚ I’ll withhold my judgement on Blackthorne until after I see him play Harry, but I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  8. I think James has shown a hell of a lot of integrity by placing his family before a role . Don’t get me wrong I am thoroughly dissappointed that I won’t see him as Harry but I understand and respect his decision. Family is the most important thing…
    My respect for James as a proffessional has been reinforced by such a decision, it truly is a strong actor who can put family before his career and know that his fans will be there to support him.

  9. I have to say I`m totally disappointed that James won`t be Harry. He would have been perfect for the role (at least in my opinion). But I think he made the right decision to put his family in the first place. He has my deep respect and admiration for doing so.

  10. I applaud James Marsters for his choice but he really did make the right choice.
    Now if we can get the TV executives to quit using Toronto in place of Chicago! I live near Chicago & have visited Toronto and the 2 are nothing alike!!!
    Keep up the great work Jim! I can hardly wait for the next book.

  11. I think they did a pretty good job I just think that they should really focus on making the thing look good. Sure actors make the difference and this one really will give Harry the attitude I just hope it looks great. As I said before I wouldn’t make a movie special instead I would take each book and make it a TV season. You would be able to get the details better and if they use good lighting and creepy antiqued camera filters, it would be that much better. Also I think that the introduction found on the mini-series “Kingdom Hospital” looks awesome if they could rework that to correspond with Harry Dresden and use Megan McCauley’s song “I’ll pay you to shoot him” as the intro music that would be a really cool and creepy start to a really cool and creepy series.

  12. I was so pleased to read these comments. Jim, thank you for understanding how important this information is to your fans. As much as I would have loved to see James as Harry, I would never want him to take the roll over taking care of his family, although, casting his as the voice of Bob might be brilliant and allow him to stay at home. **whistles innocently**
    Thank you for being our liason to the addictive world of your writing, and thank you for keeping us posted! I look forward greatly to getting “the skinny” from ya! πŸ™‚ And congratulations on getting Dresden to telivisions near your fans.

  13. My first introduction to the Dresden files was through the audio cd for Storm Front. Afterward, I went on a mad treasure hunt to find the rest of the books so I could read them myself. While I am a huge James Marsters fan as well, I think Blackthorne fits my mental image of Dresden a little closer. I think this was the best decision all around. My admiration has gone up for Mr. Marsters, and I think Mr. Blackthorne will give a performance worthy of Mr. Butchers character. At least I hope so. I can NOT wait to see this!!
    Mr. Butcher, congratulations! You deserve all the recognition coming your way. It was an honor and a thrill to meet you in person.

  14. I think James being the voice of Bob is brilliant!! Those of us who have listened to James in the audiobooks are so accustomed to his voice, that having that addition of his voice as Bob is almost poetic. I hope that someone will actively pursue that line of thought!!

  15. As both a huge dresden fan and a huge marsters fan I am horribly disapointed that he did not take the role. That being said…it simply raises my opinion of him more that he put family first! Blackthorne will be wonderful!! I am just happy that the series is making it to the screen! keep up the good work Jim!!!

  16. I’m also a huge Dresden files fan, and maybe a bigger James Marsters fan, so of coars I’m alittle disappointed. But Mr.Marsters got even more of my respect. He is doing the right thing, and I think that Mr. Blackthorne will be great as Dresden. I do hope though, that Marsters will keep reading the adio books.

  17. My mother in law was offered a minor role in the series, it is just being considered. Can any one tell me what she would be doing or her possible character. She is an old energetic oriental lady in her late 70s. She doesn’t speak too much English at all. We are just curious and excited for her. Thanks

  18. I have only got into the Dresden books in the last few months, I have to admit at first by being a huge James Marsters fan and listening to Storm Front on audio, but have became so hooked am now about to start reading book 3 and 4 and just want to say how great the series is. Of course I am disappointed that James won’t be playing Harry, but his reasons make me admire him even more. I look forward to seeing the show and hope it goes to series. Thanks Jim for creating such great characters!

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