Dec 212006

The Sci Fi Dresden Files TV page got a massive update. Now we’ve got multiple wallpapers, promotional and production stills, and more.

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  1. Great update to the site! I am so pumped for this show!

  2. Wait what happened to Bob the Skull?
    I hope they aren’t planning on changing such a keystone character. A brunette Murphy and a short haired Morgan are bad enough.

  3. What’s with the Hockey stick in the commercial?

  4. If you’re wondering about the changes between the books and the TV series, you should go listen to the interview with Jim Butcher on the Butcher Block podcast (“All about the TV” episode BB001)
    It’s about half an hour of Jim talking about what’s different, what’s not, and why the differences do or don’t matter.

  5. Who is Kamari or whatever his name is?

  6. Jessi, Kirmani is the Carmichael replacement. Given the ethnicity of the actor, “Carmichael” just wasn’t a fit.

  7. Thanks, Fred. Merry Christmas to everyone writing on this topic! Only 28 days until the TV series premieres!

  8. Ok….Bob the skull? What happend there. And where the hell is Johnny Marcone?? I’m getting nervous about this show.

  9. They discribed Dresden as a “big” man, tall and broad shouldered is how I pictured it. I was a little surprised by the actor who plays him. He might be tall (ish) but he isn’t big. Never the less I can’t wait to see the movie.

  10. I had pictured Harry a bit younger looking myself, but I’m not gonna be too critical until I see it. I mean this is Jim’s baby I don’t think he would let anyone tarnish it. he has the fan’s best interest in mind

  11. I thought there was going to be a tv movie and then a series. Have they switched it to just a 1/2 length series then?

  12. They’ve switched it to a series, yes.
    I prefer the phrase “BBC-length series”. 11-13 episodes is perfectly respectable. 🙂

  13. 22 days until the series premiere! I can’t wait. I’m watching the Twilight Zone marathon on Scifi right now and there’s been a Dresden Files commercial everything third commecial break or so. I’m glad that they’re promoting it.

  14. Well…I saw the man that plays Bob in a promo so I guess my fears of Bob being in human form have been confirmed. I’m really really nervous for this show now.

  15. Eh, maybe it won’t be too bad. Scifi took the Stargate book series and turned them into Stargate SG-1. Personally, I think that the TV series was way better than the book series. Now, obviously, the TV series for Dresden Files won’t be better than the books, but maybe the TV series won’t be a complete disaster. Maybe we need to have a little faith in the show.

  16. There is just no way that they can change Bob!! I was so looking forward to seeing him, he’s my favorate charicter, but now… There just better be someone good playing Thomas that’s all that I have to say!

  17. 16 days and counting!

  18. Ok where the hell is Harry’s duster?

  19. Ok I’m more than a little worried here. Bob NEEDS to stay a skull. And you are right, where the heck is that duster?? Bummer

  20. Maybe Susan will give him a duster, or Murphy…I don’t really know. I’m trying to stay optomistic.

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