32 thoughts on “Captain’s Fury – Sample Chapters!”

  1. I need more…
    Give us more!!!
    I can barely contain myself with a chapter a week.
    What am I to do after chapter four???
    (tra la la la!!!)

  2. It is Tuesday Night.
    7:43 West Coast Time.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter.
    I am a book nerd.

  3. Does anyone have a map of where Tavi is
    right now? i cant get any of the places and
    locations straight

  4. Found a typo in sample chapter 3 (sorry, I’m a QA guy..it’s what I do):
    Tavi reminded himself that if anyone intended to discredit him, baiting him into an emotional reaction would be an idea way to go about it, and he reined in his emotions.
    Instead of ‘idea’ way…shouldn’t that be ‘ideal’?
    Not wanting to be ‘that guy’…just trying a little community feedback to improve things : )
    Love Dresden and Alera by the way.

  5. damm it …… two whole months till its released in the usa and it looks like 3 months before i can get it in new zealand……..the pain…still it looks like it gonna be worth the weight in gold…..

  6. Ooh! I just realized that “Tavi” is a group of consecutive letters that are found in the middle of a different name…

  7. Arrgggg i remembered today was wednesday and so went to read the next chapter before i realized it wasn’t october anymore and there was no more chapters to read…. Evil, Evil, Evil… december is so far away

  8. i need my fix!!!1 the book’s got to be sold earlier than december or i might actually end up in the hospital

  9. hey i found a typo. Ehren’s report of a thousand of them shifting position had represented an opportunity to inflict serious harm upon Nasaug’s troops. A thousand were not so many as to be undefeatable, but more than enough to represent a significant lost to the enemy’s prize corps of troops. When Tavi had learned which territory they were moving through, he had ordered his most mobile and dangerous units into the field at once.
    shouldnt it be a significant loss?

  10. 4 days. Dresden files: 4 months. I’m starting to hate the number 4. Really starting to hate it.

  11. Codex Alera is right up there with WoT! Jim Butcher is a master and I especially love how previously ‘evil’ characters turn out to be not so evil and vice versa!
    How come the Auckland Central Library gets copies of Captain’s Fury months before Borders DYMOCKS and all those other bookstores! Re-reading Cursor’s Fury while I wait to get my hands on Book 4!

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