A Long-Expected Drop: New Interview and Tattoo Compilation

Apologies for failing to publish this week’s post on time! A combination of personal obligations and Pandemic Brain effectively sabotaged yesterday’s efforts, but we’re back in business today, and we’ll be back to our usual Tuesday posting schedule next week.

In today’s Drop, we share a new interview with DragonCon Urban Fantasy track lead Carol Malcolm, plus the results of our call for images of your Dresden Files tattoos!

Checking In With Jim

DragonCon’s Carol Malcolm has launched a new author interview series, starting with Jim! This hour-long video includes all kinds of tasty new tidbits, including more details about the next Cinder Spires book and the newly-announced Dresden novel Twelve Months, plus significantly more Brutus and Fenris cameo time than the average Q&A. We recommend!

A Skin Game

In the past several weeks, we asked you to send in photos of your Dresden-inspired tattoos, and you delivered! Thanks to all who submitted their ink–citations below. We also included several we found online that were too good not to show off, so the information isn’t always complete. Fellow fans, if you can fill in any of these gaps, we welcome any corrections at yearofdresden@gmail.com.

Robert Finchum // Mike Shultz, Ink Therapy Tattoo Studio (Plainfield, IN), based on artwork by Chris McGrath and Leo Nickolls.

Andy Tripp // Adam “Birdie” Bethea, Skin FX Tattoo Studio (Monroe, LA), based on artwork by Andy Tripp.

Steven Middlemas // Aryn Fox, Body of Art Tattoo (Dayton, KY)

Kayla Huffman // Artist Unknown

Unknown // Tom Beste, Eternal Tattoos (Eastpointe, MI), based on artwork by Dan Dos Santos.

Ian Cubberley // Artist Unknown

Ryan Smith // Artist Unknown

Redditor Sukidarka // Artist Unknown, based on design by Badali Jewelry.

AnorakNerd2000 // Artist Unknown

Redditor LascielTheFallen

Mollie Thiet // Chris Norden, One Life Tattoo (Brainerd, MN)

Hymn_to_Sanity // Unknown

Alecia Kadera // Unknown

Jon Sparkman // Aaron King, Top Tattoos, based on artwork by Claire Nicole Sparkman.

Anonymous // Walter “Sausage” Frank, Revolt Tattoos (Las Vegas, NV)

Jim Returns to the Dresden Files Podcast

Jim’s long-awaited interview with The Dresden Files Podcast folks has been rescheduled for this Friday at 11am Mountain Time! A link to the stream will be tweeted when it starts. If you miss it, no worries! We’ll link to it in next week’s Drop.

Fanfic Contest Update

Y’all submitted SCORES of stories, which will take a LOT longer than our previous contests to judge! I’ve recruited a team to help distribute the work. Expect the results to be announced toward the end of the month. Thanks so much to all the entrants and my awesome judges!

And that’s it for this week! Visit Jim-Butcher.com every Tuesday this year for weekly Drops of never-before-seen artwork, microfiction, interviews, contests, sample chapters for Peace Talks and Battle Ground, and other tasty tidbits in our celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Dresden Files. Join our new mailing list and follow @jimbutchernews on twitter to ensure you don’t miss a moment, and check the announcement post to catch up on prior Drops.

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