Chapter Three, DragonCon Videos, New MiniCon, and More!

Just TWO WEEKS to go until the publication of Battle Ground, the second novel in this summer’s Dresden Duology! We have all kinds of goodies for you this week to crank your frenzied anticipation up to Eleven, including the third chapter of Battle Ground, three more videos from DragonCon, and the announcement of a new virtual con appearance this weekend!

Have you preordered Battle Ground yet? You can order a signed copy from Mysterious Galaxy, Barbara’s Bookstore, or Barnes & Noble, or a copy with a signed bookplate from Worldbuilders.  Alternately, you can also support your favorite local independent bookstore or preorder a regular copy through the Store! Or if audiobooks are your jam, snag James Marsters’ reading from our store or through Jim’s publisher. There’s no wrong answer!

Trailer Milestone

Last week, we shared the live-action book trailer for Battle Ground, and tomorrow, we anticipate hitting 50k views! As per tradition, we’ll be counting down to that milestone. Join @jimbutchernews on twitter as we rewatch the trailer together and share awesome behind-the-scenes tidbits.

Battle Ground, Chapter Three

The third and final sample chapter for Battle Ground is here! If you missed chapters one and two, be sure to read those first.

Jim Joins Muskogee MiniCon

Muskogee Public Library will be hosting a free virtual event this Saturday! Come chat on Discord with Jim and fellow authors Lev Grossman, Terry Brooks, Shawn Speakman, Tracey West, and Patrick Carman!

Jim will be speaking at 3pm Central on September 19th, and the session will be recorded for the benefit of those celebrating Rosh Hashana that day. New to Discord? Learn more here.

DragonCon Uploads Complete

DragonCon has uploaded ALL their 2020 programming to their streaming service! Two are available for free, and three require a Streaming Membership, a one-time $10 purchase that grants access to their complete programming catalog from this and all past DragonCons for a full year.

The following are free:

Favors, Bargains, and Glamours: The Fae in Urban Fantasy
Fae of many forms and intentions appear in Urban Fantasy. Our panelists will discuss the characteristics of the types they use in their work.
Panelists: Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher, Cecilia Dominic, Lisa Manifold, Bishop O’Connell, and Carol Malcolm (M)

The Dresden Files: Peace Talks Trailer Cast and Crew Panel
Join Jim Butcher, director Priscilla Spencer, and the cast and crew of the Peace Talks Trailer as they recount their experiences on this epic-level undertaking! Suzanne Solomon moderates a hilarious discussion that explores the challenges of filming a book trailer for a fanatically devoted fanbase, which actors are most like their characters, what Easter eggs are hidden in the production design, and more! We’ll also be sharing previously unseen material you won’t want to miss.
Panelists: Jason Bernardo, Jim Butcher, June Dietrich, Liz Fenning, Sarah Flannery, Stephen Gibler, Kitty Krell, Birgit Lüdemann, Wade Morrison, Tonya Nelson, Stephanie Piotrowski, Jeremy Royce, Christopher Showerman, Shelby Smith, Priscilla Spencer, Kris Stone, and Suzanne Solomon (M).

The following require a Streaming Membership:

Jim Butcher: 20 Years of Harry Dresden
Come spend an hour with the mind behind your favorite magical detective as he discusses the pending release of the new Dresden book, Battle Ground, to the things that inspired Jim along the way.
Panelists: Jim Butcher, Chris “Crispy” Lloyd (M)

Necessary Evil: Villains in Urban Fantasy
Villains in Urban Fantasy range from annoying to truly dangerous, and our panel of authors will discuss how the different types affect their characters and the plots of their stories.
Panelists: Carol Malcolm, Eric R. Asher, Jim Butcher, Faith Hunter, Jeanne C. Stein, R.R. Virdi.

Mighty Men of SF and Fantasy
Kevin J. Anderson, Jim Butcher, and Jonathan Maberry talk about their careers–sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always interesting.
Panelists: Kevin Anderson, Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, Nancy Knight.

Badali Giveaway

Badali Jewelry is holding a giveaway of some of their most coveted Dresden pieces, and TOMORROW is your last day to enter! One lucky winner will score a collector’s set of Dresden Files Jewelry, consisting of an Officially Licensed sterling silver Shield Bracelet, an 8mm Ice Opal Earring (your choice of pierced or magnet), and a Limited Edition Winter Lady Pentacle.

How to Enter:
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Bonus entry:
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Shop Badali’s full Dresden Files collection on their website. This giveaway runs through September 16th.

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