Congratulations, Fanfic Winners!

In this week’s Dresden Drop, we celebrate the winners of the Fanfic Contest. But we have a bunch of other treats to share before the great reveal. Read on!

First, a very Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate! A number of fans have sent us variants of this genius idea by VanillaStudio, and we had to share it, in honor of our favorite Jewish dino-wrangler. Behold Butters’ Hannukiah, the Menorasaurus Rex!

A "Menorasaurus" -- a Hannukiah made by gluing candle holders to a plastic T-Rex, mounting it on a wooden base, and spray painting the whole thing gold

Pod Squad

Next, Jim appeared on the Mike’s Book Reviews vlog, uploaded this morning. We haven’t had the chance to listen yet, so check it out and get any scoops before we do!

Gettin’ Ficcy With It

And now, our featured story! Inspired by Harry’s birthday on Halloween, we challenged fans to write under-1500-word microfictions about either a birthday or a holiday, and y’all delivered in the greatest possible way.

Reading these stories was a treat, and we continue to marvel at the talent and creativity in every aspect of the fandom. Thanks to all who participated!

Grand Prize: PsychicScubaDiver for “Hogs Wild”

First Runner Up: Daniel Van Nostrand for “Easter Search”

Second Runner Up: Houston Southard for “Entity, Eggs, Ennui”

Honorable Mentions: Dina Navon for “First” and Eric T. Johnson for “Every Mouse Has His Day”

You can read the winning stories here!

Harry and Thomas laugh together over a couple beers. Harry is holding a slim book titled "The Butcher Files." Illustration by Mika Kuloda.

Extra special thanks to our team of judges, who spent countless hours reading and evaluating *67* sensational stories. They included Andrea Gonzales, Garrett Jones, Mandie Lyons, Jordan Walker-Key, Suzanne Solomon, and Priscilla Spencer.

The Grand Prize winner and two Runners Up will receive their choice of art prints from Worldbuilders. We’ll be in touch over the next week to get your preferences and your contact info!

And that’s it for this week! Visit every Tuesday in 2020 for weekly Drops of never-before-seen artwork, microfiction, interviews, contests, sample chapters for Peace Talks and Battle Ground, and other tasty tidbits in our celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Dresden Files. Join our new mailing list and follow @jimbutchernews on twitter to ensure you don’t miss a moment, and check the announcement post to catch up on prior Drops.

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Priscilla Spencer has been Jim's creative consultant since 2007. In addition to managing content for and its social media channels, she beta-reads all of Jim's works, serves as a thematic consultant on the graphic novels and role playing games, and illustrates the maps for his books. The whole "Year of Dresden" thing is largely her baby. Her latest claim to fame is directing the official book trailers for Peace Talks and Battle Ground. In her professional life, Priscilla is a Producer, Writer, Photographer, and Fantasy Map Illustrator working towards a career in producing TV. She enjoys musical theatre, gluten-free cooking, sci-fi/fantasy, and weightlifting. She aspires to travel the world and pet every dog.