Changes released!

“Changes” is released today!

Unfortunately, it’s still not yet available for Kindle, but we hope Penguin and Amazon will resolve their differences before too long. We invite folks to share their thoughts on the forum, but please, confine your remarks to the “Spoilers” section, and always place clear warnings in the subject line when creating a new Changes-related thread. Remember that many of Jim’s fans don’t or can’t read the book the day it’s released, so please be cautious and courteous of your fellow posters.
If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can order it through the store!
And yes, there will be more books in the Dresden Files series. Jim has plans for at least 20 total!

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Priscilla Spencer has been Jim's creative consultant since 2007. In addition to managing content for and its social media channels, she beta-reads all of Jim's works, serves as a thematic consultant on the graphic novels and role playing games, and illustrates the maps for his books. The whole "Year of Dresden" thing is largely her baby. Her latest claim to fame is directing the official book trailers for Peace Talks and Battle Ground. In her professional life, Priscilla is a Producer, Writer, Photographer, and Fantasy Map Illustrator working towards a career in producing TV. She enjoys musical theatre, gluten-free cooking, sci-fi/fantasy, and weightlifting. She aspires to travel the world and pet every dog.

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  1. Rudolph – bet he tried to take Harry out. His life is dedicated to destroying Murphy and Harry. Now maybe Murph can get him for the “murder or attempted murder” and save her own job.

  2. here is a though maybe the person who shoot harry was the goverment i know it so wrong for the series but remeber changes said alot of policat leaders died. so alot of people in goverment must have know about the world of magic. maybe it something the countess setup in case she failed. because really so far everybody that goes against dresden get taken down.also remeber harry promise not to die on purpose to mab

  3. Bev- yeah that would be a pretty decent set up for Murph to bag Rudolph in attempted murder. I don’t think the Jim would use such a subplot line for a near death exprience and cliffhanger for Dresden. Great thought though I’d give it that. I hope that the tension between Harry and Molly gets addressed in #13, and of course after two books I want more than anything for the Denarians return, find out what happened to the coins, to know how and if Nicodemus and Tessa faired after Demonreach. AND who was it at the island with Peabody in Turn Coat. Just some I’d the mysteries I’m looking forward to finding out.

  4. Spoiler Warning: Skim past this if you don’t want to know!
    I noticed all the comments about how his getting shot could be a way to free him from Mab’s influence. Has anyone else thought that perhaps it could be a way to fulfill the other wizard’s death curse? He can “technically” die, alone, and then be revived….thus being free of the curse.
    Just a thought….
    Either way it is an AMAZING book, a MINDBLOWING series and I can’t wait for the next one to show up. I also wish my husband would read faster so I can talk to him about it!
    Jim you are credit to your profession and I hope you keep writing for many years to come!

  5. Amanda – Great thought about the shooting being a way for Harry to escape the death curse. Never looked at it that way.
    Nathan – I too long for the return of Nicodemus and the Order of the Blackened Denarius. Nicodemus is one of my favorite characters in the series and I would love to know what happened after the fight on Demonreach.

  6. I can see Christian Bale as Thomas! But Paul Blackthorn OR a new face for Harry – a real guy, not a pretty boy. I believe Colin Farrell is too harsh.
    Many, many, weeks ago, while we were waiting for Changes, a lady wrote in – in another comments section – that reading The Dresden Files helped her when she was in the hospital with her child, who died. At the time I read that, I didn’t know what to say. I think that other readers were overwhelmed, too, because no one made a comment. But now I have to speak because my heart goes out to her. Harry was able to save his child but she couldn’t. May God bless her and give her strength
    to go on…
    Maybe one of the reasons we love The Dresden Files is that we can challenge the world and overcome great obstacles through Harry.

  7. like i’ve said before and i’ll say it again, anyone that reads this can relate to one or more of any of the characters in the series
    And no Christian Bale can not be Thomas, Thomas has to look good in a fishnet shirt, pretty boy with a colgate smile,
    Bale is no Raith
    its not about picking an actor you like or has been good in other films, but one that can personify the being and intention of the character

  8. Yeah, Dresden is a way to “take a trip and never leave the farm”. And when reality is too overwhelming, it’s a good way excape without any long term effects.
    Who’s going to be Molly’s mentor now. He can’t take her to the Nevernever. Lea is too interested in her. Of course, the last Summer Knight, Ronald Reuel lived in Chicago most of the time and had an art gallery. With no mentor, she could be executed. Maybe Carlos will let her be his apprentice. That could get hot and get her mind off Harry.
    Anybody going to DragonCon over Labor Day?

  9. Mr Butcher,
    you are a very sadistic person. I think I may hate you. 🙂
    And yes, bloody well done and congrats on an immensely satisfying and addictive story. (I will miss Susan btw.)
    Now get back to work… I’m already getting twitchy for the next one!

  10. Kudos, Changes is amazing and the series just keeps getting better and better!
    I loved and hated the ending, I must have read the last few chapters a dozen times trying to glean details.
    My thoughts, Kincaid pulled the trigger with a contract from Lara. After all, Harry has just eradicated the REDS, could the other vampires be next? He has gotten a whole lot scarier to his foes. Benefit of dying would get him out of Maub’s winter knight gig and rile her to no end. I am also hoping for an early release of the next book. You are one of my favorite authors, now how about some movies of some of these books?? Hmmm?
    Loved the Codex Alera too, still think there may be stories to tell there down the road.

  11. Dear Jim, You rock, I totally loved Changes, it kept me up half the night, it was so good. I read the codex alera books as well and they were phenomenal.
    I loved when harry became the winter knight he totally has to keep with that it will add so much more to him as a figure in the magical realm, not just fear and respect but the new abilities and power as well.
    In my opinion sportsfans it comes down to either fix, or kincaid for the shooter, I dont think anyone else we have come across would have the smarts to do it that way. Cowl would have just blasted him with magick, or set a gazillion gouls on him. Fix would be too afraid of taking on harry even if he is the summer knight, Kincaid would need an order to do it though and I am not sure the archive would let him do it. Although I suppose kincaid would know a way to sneek something past her if he wanted to.
    Hey jim I hope you write really fast, Im already shaking for my next Dresden fix. Your biggest fan and admirer Andrew
    Love from Canada Jim.

  12. My husband and my son got me hooked on this series after they read the books we got after seeing the TV show. They had been after me to read them for a while, but I resisted. I spent last summer with Harry reading all of the previous books and we couldn’t wait to get Changes! While we were in Chicago last week, we wanted to find Harry’s boarding house. I bought two copies of Changes so that all three of us could read it at once.
    I am SOOOOO HAPPPPYYYY to read that more books will be written. I love these characters! My husband is currently laughing out loud at some passage in Changes. Thank you Jim for writing these!

  13. !!!!!SAPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!
    Jim your a sadist!!! How can you leave us like that!!
    And they where FINALLY going to hook up!!!!
    But I guess its ok because you have provided me with the absolute BEST line from any of your books so far, which can only be apprciated by those of us who have read the books.
    “That bitch” – Mouse
    Oh my I couldn’t read passed that line for at least 20 minutes…. I laughed so hard it hurt. Oh man.

  14. Oh my lord, I just finished Changes and it has got to be one of the most intense books I have ever read. It took me about a day to read it, I couldn’t put it down! Its not like I have a list of favorite authors or anything, but if I did, you would most certainly be on it, Mr.Butcher
    I stopped and stared at the book after chapter 39, and I’m still freaking out at the ending. There was so many twists and turns and pure awesome-ness that the only thing I can do is start at Storm Front, read the whole series over again and pray that you’ll write as fast as you can. ( no pressure )

  15. I just finished reading Changes.
    Thank you for the good read sir.

  16. SPOILER!!!
    Jim I want you to know that my wife is laughing at me right now because I’m acting like those people that do the Gamefly commercials.
    I’ve read the whole series twice so far and I own the TV series and I must say that Changes is the best of the bunch so far but the ending also made it the most frustrating. That was so very cold Jim.
    Because if harry lives he’ll be figure that is truly feared. Come on Winer Knight and wiping out the Red Court. Though it does make you wonder. Now that Harry is supposedly though more than likely dead is deal with Winter complete? And if it is and he comes back minus the Knight’s power will Mab a.)Be annoyed at whoever shot and killed Harry and thus do terrible and unspeakable things to said individual that robbed her of her knight. b.) Force Harry to take up the mantle once again once he has been ressucitated. Or will it be c.)A curve ball involving something out of left Wrigley Field.

  17. To jason (who posted April 13, 2010 @ 11:19 AM):
    You think someone in the government may have shot Harry? That ties in with something I wrote earlier – that there may be a player in the game we’ve all overlooked (my post of April 11, 2010 @ 1:42 AM).
    For some time I’ve been musing on a theme Jim has brought up again and again: that while humans are looked at with scorn in the supernatural world, at the same time no one wants to get us “riled up”. Furthermore, Harry has said many times that he thinks the supernatural community underestimates the power humanity has gained. Add to this the mysterious disappearance of the VCR tape of the loup-garoo, and the fact that much of the Black Council’s activities seem to produce events that would reveal the supernatural world to humans, and I’m just wondering if there isn’t a secret government agency involved in all this somehow. Who knows: maybe the Black Council itself will turn out to be just someone else’s pawns!

  18. I actually have been pondering on two individuals that are still oh so mysterious to us the readers. Where is He Who Walks Behind? AND… Justin Dumorne really dead. Just a thought

  19. Dear Nathan:
    Yes, I’ve been wondering about Mr. Dumorne myself!
    As long as we’re raising “loose ends” we’d like to see tied up: what was the business in Proven Guilty all about? Why wouldn’t Mab attack the Reds back then? Is she mad? Who sent the fetches? Why the attack on Arctis Tor (by the Black Council, I mean)? If Mab wanted Harry to attack also, why? (Good thing this isn’t the last book in the series, or we’d have to waterboard Jim to get all our answers!)
    Let me just add, again, that I think it will take more than a shot to the chest (which didn’t necessarily hit the heart, by the way) to kill the Winter Knight!

  20. Changes was amazing. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was definitely full of changes. I have to say thank you Jim and please keep it up. Also anybody looking for books to read while waiting for the next Dresden should try “The Name of The Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss, and The Wheel of TIme series by Robert Jordan.

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